Terms of use

General conditions of use 

1. Terminology

For the present General Conditions of use, according to terms indicated with Capital Letter is nominated the meaning indicated in the General Conditions of sale, in addition to eventually indicated in these General Conditions of use. 

2. Parties and legal sources

The Site, which is the property of Il Centimetro S.r.l. - Via Enrico Berlinguer snc 63844 Grottazzolina (FM), Italy.(hereafter the “Owner”), is managed by Il Centimetro S.r.l. - Via Enrico Berlinguer snc 63844 Grottazzolina (FM), VAT/C.F. 02362440444 (hereafter “The Seller”).

The access and use of ilcentimetro.com, including the visualization of the web pages, communication with the Manager, possibility to download information on products and purchase of said products on the website, constitute activities carried out by our users, exclusively for personal purposes and not related to any commercial, entrepreneurial and professional activity.

The access and the use of website are activities regulated by these General Conditions of use and suppose the acceptation of these general conditions of use, general terms of sale, return policy and privacy policy.


3. Updates

The Seller can modify or simply update these General Conditions of Use, in full or in part shall modify or simply update, for whole or in part, these general conditions of use. The changes and updates of the General Conditions of Use will be notified to the users in the Homepage of ilcentimetro.com as soon as they become applicable, and they will be binding once published on the website, in this section. Should you not agree with the General Conditions of Use of store.ferrari.com in full or in part, please do not use our website. 

4. Responsibility

The Seller cannot be deemed liable for the use of the website and its contents which is not compliant with applicable laws, by any of its users, granted the Manager’s liability for fraud and serious fault. In particular, you will be the only one liable for the communication of wrong, false information and data or relative to third parties, without their explicit consent, and for the improper use of said data.

In conclusion, since all the material will be downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of a selected service at the user's risk, any liability for possible damages to the computer systems or losses of data due to downloading operations, will be borne by the user and cannot be attributed to the Manager. The Manager declines any liability for possible damages due to the impossibility to access the services offered on the website or possible damages caused by viruses, corrupted files, errors, omissions, service interruptions, deletions of contents, problems related to the network, providers or telephone and/or telecommunication connections, non-authorised accesses, data alterations, lack and/or faulty operation of the user's electronic devices.

The user is liable for the preservation and use his/her personal information properly, including the login information that allows to access reserved services, and for any detrimental consequence or prejudice derived to the Manager or third parties due to improper use, loss, or stealing of said information.

5. Privacy policy

Please read carefully the Privacy Policy – in order to understand how ilcentimetro.com collects and uses your personal data and for which purposes - also applied to users that access ilcentimetro.com and use the relative services, even without purchasing any product. 

6. Intellectual property rights


All the contents of ilcentimetro.com, in any format, published on ilcentimetro.com, including web pages, graphics, colours, schemes, tools, the characters and design of the website, the diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software relative to ilcentimetro.com, are protected by copyright and any other intellectual property right boasted by the Manager and other rights of proprietors. The reproduction of ilcentimetro.com and its contents, whether in full or in part, is prohibited in any form, without the explicit written approval of the Manager. The Manager boasts the exclusive right to authorise or forbid the direct or indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction, in any way or form, whether in full or in part, of ilcentimetro.com and its contents.

With regards to the use ilcentimetro.com,  you are exclusively authorised to (i) visualize the website and its contents, (ii) perform any other temporary reproduction activity which is not related to any personal economic purpose, considered provisional or additional, and integral and essential activity for the visualization of the website and its contents, and (iii) any other navigation activity on the website, performed exclusively in view of a licit use of the same site and its contents.


Any additional reproduction activity shall be authorised by the Manager from time to time or by the authors of the single works available on the website, if needed. Said reproduction activities shall be anyhow performed for licit purposes and in compliance with copyrights and all the other intellectual property rights of the Manager and authors of the single works available on the website.


The authors of the single works published on ilcentimetro.com boast the right to claim the legitimacy of their work at any time, and to oppose to any alteration, editing or any other change of the same works, including any act that may cause prejudice to the works, and be detrimental for their image and reputation. You agree to comply with the copyrights of the artists that chose to publish their works on store.ferrari.com of that have collaborated with the latter, to the creation of new expressive and artistic forms destined to be published, even if not exclusively, on the website or that form an integral part of it.


Moreover, you are not authorised under any circumstance, to use the contents of the website and any single work protected by copyright and any other intellectual property right, in any way or form. For example and not limitedly to, you cannot alter or anyhow, modify the protected contents and works without the consent of the Manger and of the single authors of the works published on ilcentimetro.com, if needed.


6.1 Brands and domain names  

Any distinctive marks that characterizes the products sold and present on the website are registered trademarks and utilized on the website with the aim to describe and promote the products sold on the website.

The Seller and any holder of the trademarks have the power to utilize in an exclusive way the trademarks. Any use of the said trademarks that is not authorized is forbidden and provokes legal consequences. It is forbidden using these trademarks and any other distinctive signs present on the website to take an advantage from the distinctive characteristics of these trademarks.


7. Content warning

The Seller has taken every useful precaution in order to guarantee the Users that contents on the website are accurate and do not include wrong information or not updated compared to their publication date. Nevertheless, the Seller do not consider any responsibility toward users about accuracy and completeness of the contents published on the website, except that own responsibility for negligence, according to the law.

The Seller cannot guarantee to Users that the website works without interruptions, errors due to Internet connection.

For any problem or issue on the website, the User must contact the Customer Care service or send an email to: support@ilcentimetro.com. Furthermore, the User has to contact our Internet service provider or checking out that every device for Internet connection is working on.


8. Commercial policy

The Seller’s mission is selling products through website only to Consumers, that is physical person that act for extraneous objectives of commercial, business and entrepreneurial activity. The Users who are not Consumers, please do not use the website. On the contrary, the Seller shall not take into account the purchase orders come from subjects that are not consumers and any other purchase that is not compliance with General conditions of sale and these conditions of use.   


9. Applicable law, settlements and jurisdiction 

These General Conditions of Use are regulated by Italian laws. The Court of Milan is assigned exclusive jurisdiction for all such disputes, except where this provision cannot be applied due to binding provisions in force in the Consumer's country of residence.